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Cloud and data center security

Last line of defense for internal data centers security

GuardiCore is focused at stopping advanced threats attacks through real-time breach detection and response, changing the way organizations are fighting cyber attacks in their data centers. GuardiCore Centra™ Security Platform provides a single, scalable platform that covers five critical areas of data center security: visibility, micro-segmentation, breach detection, automated analysis and response. GuardiCore real-time breach detection capabilities identifies active breaches with low false positive rates, and helps businesses to effectively control “east-west” traffic (data stream between applications and the data center), and enable quicker deployment of hybrid Private/Public cloud solutions which meet security requirements.

  • Dramatically reduce time to detect, investigate and remediate attacks. as threat detection is done in minutes instead of months
  • Decrease time deploying security across multiple virtualization platforms
  • Prevent or minimize damage and data theft, saving millions
  • Gain unprecedented visibility into data center activity
Use cases
  • Micro-segmentation – visibility and setting policy management into applications allowing IT and security to define Layer 4 and Layer 7 security policies and monitor those policies for variations and suspicious activity
  • Breach detection and response – Discovers attacks that are invisible to standard security products and detection of attacker’s footprint with complete and detailed insight into a breach
  • Secure cloud migration – enable organization work safely in hybrid public clouds and bare-metal environments, by tightly integrating with SDDC controllers and orchestration components