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Data privacy
GDPR & compliance

Compliance and sensitive data masking with no need to change the applications

SecuPi’s adaptive platform protects high-value web & enterprise applications from hackers and malicious insiders. By combining data activity monitoring and User Behavior Analytics, SecuPi detects and prevents attacks in real-time before damage occurs. SecuPi’s light agent monitors all sensitive data flow across applications including data access, data-views, and transactions. It applies real-time behavior analytics to detect abnormal behavior, instantly blocking attacks and protecting sensitive data by hiding, dynamically masking and applying row-level security. SecuPi offers a variety of preventative controls such as blocking, redaction, anonymization, and encryption to prevent threats before damage occurs.

  • Increase End-to-End Visibility, allowing protecting sensative data across web & enterprise applications
  • Much cheaper compliance implementations
Use cases
  • Data discovery, classification and data flow control
  • GDPR assessment and compliance for business applications. Comply with GDPR regulations such as “right to be forgotten”, “records of processing activities” and “restriction of processing”
  • Big data compliance with GDPR, and PCI regulation for data encryption, decryption through integration with “Hive”
  • Sensitive and regulated data access visibility and control across web & enterprise high-value applications
  • Fraud Prevention, using anomaly detection to detect careless and malicious activities by insiders and hackers.
  • Data Loss Prevention

Works both for Amdocs applications such as CRM, and mobile apps, as well as for any similar challenge the customer face with any other application.