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Comprehensive AI Based Personalization and Analytics Solution for Online Video

Clickspree allows users to dive into individual video-viewing sessions, and to understand the behavioral and psychological factors that influence engagement. We don’t just measure what happens, we explain why.

Clickspree’s easy-to-implement solution measures and understands attention fluctuations in specific audiences during video viewing. Powered by computer vision and machine learning, the platform provides recommendations and suggesting how to improve the content, increase engagement and boost conversion.

  • Boost video ads monetization
  • Increase loyalty and subscription rates
  • Enhance user experience and engagement
  • Prolong viewing sessions
  • Reduce viewers abandonment
  • Increase performance of call-to-actions and recommendations
Use cases
  • Increases conversions on various calls-to-action using timing optimization (content recommendations, targeted ads, and native calls-to-action) by displaying them when viewers are most likely to engage
  • Predict subscriber’s likelihood of churn, or how to maximize opportunity of trial-users becoming subscribers
  • Presents attention heat-maps explaining attentions highs and lows throughout the video to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each video, and get insights on how to re-edit and improve the content
  • Generate deep behavioral insights using in-depth behavioral analytics
  • Understand the viewer psychology: detect whether the user is playing, pausing, skipping or muting the video regardless of the video player used. And determine whether the user is walking, laying back, or not really watching the video, etc
  • Understand playback issues that negatively impact engagement and provide guidance on how to address them
  • Behavioral audience segmentation – discover new audiences such as binge watchers, “skippers” and more. Our platform helps publishers target them separately with relevant content