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Bringing Clarity to Data Center Management

Correlata is representing the answer to the pain that all medium to large enterprises face – The inability to extract business indicators from technical metrics.

Correlata specializes in cognitive & ITOA market, specifically around Data Center management operations efficiency and risk mitigation, providing information for IT and C levels information to help make decisions concerning how IT Layer can align with Business Layer, helping the organization to meet their business objective by forcing a new set of proactive, cross-domain analytics tool.

What makes Correlata solution so different is the ability to allow the organization to feel and visualize your Data Center daily IT operations DNA and PROACTIVELY identifies operating risks, trends, anomalies and misbehaviour of your IT as a whole, a consequence of a sophisticated correlation between interrelated metrics from All IT layers through a powerful dashboard combings rich reporting and analytics with centralized moderation and control.

  • Reduce operational costs
  • Reduce IT investments
  • Increase precision of IT budget allocation for business applications, polices and regulations
  • Increase precision of IT project plans and timing
  • Shortens root-cause analysis processes
Use cases
  • IT Business Alignment – optimize IT resources according to business goals and provide visibility to grow the business
  • Actual cost of IT infrastructure – analyze usage and trends, implement a pay-what-you-consume strategy
  • IT Compliance – ensures that IT is deployed, provisioned, and applied according to internal policies and external regulations
  • IT Risk Assessment – exposing missing or inaccurate implementation of redundancy and resiliency solutions