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Finds security blind spots by operating like an attacker, using only a company’s name as its starting point.

Using an attacker’s perspective, and requiring no deployment or configuration, the CyCognito Platform autonomously discovers, enumerates, and prioritises an organisation’s security risks based on a global analysis of all external attack surfaces. The platform identifies the blind spots real attackers would likely exploit, and provides actionable remediation guidance.

CyCognito takes a radically different approach than legacy security risk assessment solutions. Core differentiators include:

  • A comprehensive mapping of the attack surface that yields both business and security context
  • Going beyond CVEs to discover attack paths
  • Prioritisation of risks using an attacker’s perspective
  • Optimize marketing spending
  • Remain competitive and up-to-date
  • Quantify brand marketing
  • Leverage social trends
Use cases
  • Reduce Your Attack Surface:
    Find and remediate the most critical attack vectors across known, unknown, unmanaged and abandoned assets and data to reduce the opportunities available to attackers
  • Validate Service Efficacy:
    Allow your customers to measure the effectiveness of your (or other providers’) Managed Security Services and work with you to tailor and optimize them
  • Assess Merger & Acquisition IT Risk:
    Discover where your merger and acquisition candidates are at risk of being breached