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Cymulate is a SaaS-based breach and attack simulation platform that makes it simple to know and optimize your security posture any time, all the time.

With just a few clicks, Cymulate challenges your security controls by initiating thousands of attack simulations, showing you exactly where you’re exposed and how to fix it – making security continuous, fast and part of every-day activities.

Using fully automated customizable and repeatable tests, Cymulate mimics countless threats across the full attack kill chain, both common and novel, challenging both internal and external defenses. Providing 360° visibility and actionable reporting, Cymulate shortens test cycles and offers a continuous counter-breach assessment technology that empowers security leaders to take a proactive approach to their cyber stance, so they can stay one step ahead of attackers. Always.

  • Better assessment of your security posture, on-demand
  • Reduce significantly the vulnerabilities for attacks, mitigate attacks before they happen
  • Maximize your ROI from your existing security solutions
Use cases
  • Validate security posture and control, Cymulate changes the rules of cyber security testing and helps organizations accurately assess their security posture, ensuring that they never fall into a false sense of safety
  • Defending against Malicious Emails, Cymulate E-Mail challenges basic security assumptions, using leading-edge research that embodies the latest breach attempts, to enable malicious files to penetrate the organization through e-mails. By generating immediate results, organization can easily and fully mitigate all the security flaws discovered
  • Compliance Enabler, Cymulate platform boosts compliance with the myriad standards and regulations, including GDPR, PCI, HIPPA, and other federal, national and industry laws dealing with security and information privacy
  • B2B Model, Cymulate Can be included in Telco’s MSSP packages, helping organizations to have better understanding of their security posture while continuously improving it