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A breach protection platform that integrates monitoring & control, threat prevention & detection and response orchestration across the entire environment

Cynet 360 is designed to serve as a single interface to execute and manage all aspects of breach protection in the organization.

Cynet provides a reach set of monitoring & control functionalities to proactively reduce weak links and exposed attack surfaces such as vulnerability assessment, file integrity monitoring (FIM), log collection and retention and inventory management. Cynet consolidates in a single agent, NGAV, EDR, network analytics, UBA and deception providing a multilayered defense stack capable of tackling attacks at multiple stages in their lifecycle.

The native correlation between the security technologies results in unmatched accuracy and minimal false positives. On the response orchestration side, Cynet provides the widest set of built-in remediation tools to remove malicious presence and activity from infected host, malicious files\processes, compromised user accounts and network-controlled network traffic. Further remediation can be customized by the user, either by chaining together existing remediation actions or by adding user-created script to communicate with other components such as firewall\proxy, AD and others.

With all these built together, Cynet empowers security teams to optimize and scale their efforts and maintain their environments secure.

  • Improve detection rate, and provide up to 96% white listing out of the box
  • Significantly reduce the probability for end point attacks to succeed
  • Reduce the number of false alerts
  • Decrease Forensics analysis time
  • Reduce the complexity, and the total cost of ownership of the organization end point protection solution
Use cases
  • Cuts Costs – provides multiple capabilities across systems for more effective protection, detection and response with less spend
  • Inclusive Prevention – protect the organization from immediate attacks such as file less, memory injections, exploitation and randsomware
  • Rapid Deployment – Cynet unique dis-solvable execution technology enables to deploy in hours with no need to reboot, install or be impacted by kernel mode conflicts
  • Comprehensive Coverage – automatically investigates behaviors and correlate the insights into one big picture