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Unique SIEM Security Platform which allows organizations to get more out of the security products they already have, using AI technology to identify attack intent, and dynamically execute investigation and mitigate attacks

empow’s security platform addresses the real fundamental cyber security challenge that most med-large organizations face: How to use the organization’s existing network and security infrastructure resources to create a smart and proactive security ecosystem that detects, investigates and mitigates advanced attack campaigns. By implementing patented AI and NLP technologies, empow’s Security Platform is able to optimize security coverage at a fraction of the cost of existing SIEM solutions.

  • Reduction in time from detection to response
  • Increase security coverage
  • Reduces the noise and false positive alerts
  • Reduction in workload through automation
  • Reduction in correlation rules maintenance
Use cases
  • Automatically correlates security logs and detects advanced attacks missed by silo tools
  • Automates investigation decision making processes
  • Protects against the following campaigns types: Data Leak, Identity Theft, Cyber-Espionage, Ransomware, Insider threats
  • Orchestrates and optimizes monitoring, investigation and response to meet regulatory requirements such as GDPR, PCI-DSS and HIPAA