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The Peer-to-Peer Identity Validation Network

Identiq is a peer-to-peer identity verification network that allows its members to validate new users and vouch for ones they trust without sharing any private customer data.

By taking third-party data providers out of the equation, Identiq leverages the consensus of other network members, including some of the world's largest consumer-facing companies, and sets a new standard for end-user privacy.

Recognised by Gartnerâ„¢ as a Cool Vendor, Identiq enables companies to establish trust in good users without adding friction. Identiq verification platfrom is queried throughout the company's customer journey to establish trust in the user and fight a wide range of fraud usecases, all while reducing false positives, increasing approval rates and creating a better user experience."


The Identiq network is being leveraged across industries including Banking, Financial Services, Ride Sharing, Gaming, e-Commerce Marketplaces and more. Identiq members are protected under mNDA with these companies. Once an mNDA is excuted with a specfic customer, Identiq will be able to share brand names.

Key capabilities
  • Improve the Customer Onboarding Experience
  • Fight Fraud Such as Synthetic IDs and Stolen Information
  • Dramatically Improve Privacy by Not Exposing Any Private User Data
  • Minimise False Positives
  • Improve Approval Rates for Trusted Users
  • Improve Customer Security and Privacy
Use cases
  • New User Identity Validation
  • Verifying Funding-Source Ownership
  • User Validation During Password Reset Requests or Suspicious Activities
  • OTA and Phishing Protection
  • Improving End-User Privacy
  • Reduce e-commerce fraud