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Humanize digital Interactions

INFI offers hyper-personalized Human recommendations based on individual personality traits, states and attitudes of the digital Customers, based on man-machine Interface.

Understand and motivate users to make them feel empowered while increasing trust and affinity with customers.

These heightened interactions in turn build intimacy, familiarity and trust to promote loyalty and increasing conversion rate at key moments, cementing the ultimate brand-customer relationship.

  • Increase Loyalty and brand trust
  • Increase in conversion rates
  • Increase campaigns effectiveness
Use cases
  • Humanizing the customer journey – Transform relationships and build brand loyalty through immersive experiences and hyper personalized communication
  • Defining customer segments based on personality traits and make personal recommendation based on the customer’s psychological needs and motivations
  • Fraud and risk assessment, psychological risk to identify customers who are most likely to fraudulent behavior or are unreliable in terms of commitments