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A Comprehensive Phishing Mitigation Solution

Help organizations face email phishing attacks, in real-time, using a cyber security solution combining human intelligence & machine learning.

Enterprises can drastically reduce risk by allowing all employees to report, quarantine and remove suspicious emails, without waiting on the SOC team to get involved. IronScales users also benefit from automatic and anonymous shares of phishing attack intelligence with enterprises and organizations worldwide, enabling them to proactively defend their network gateways and endpoints from increasingly frequent and sophisticated phishing attacks.

  • Reducing the click rate on phishing emails
  • Reducing SOC & Security team workload through automation & remediation
  • Increase of employee reporting and detection
  • Reducing the first report time from an average of 14 min to less than 1 minute
  • Reducing response time from hours to minutes, even without an employee /SOC team member's intervention
Use cases
  • Awareness and training of employees to avoid phishing traps
  • Global intelligence of zero-day attacks (Federation)
  • Automatic remediation of infected emails, enterprise-wide, in a matter of minutes
  • A 24/7 virtual SOC team that can automatically respond to current & ongoing phishing email attacks, without waiting on the SOC team to get involved
  • Anti-spoofing (IronShields)
  • Empowering skilled and vigilant employees to report attacks in a one-click solution, and help protect enterprises through a company-wide automatic remediation response