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CSR interaction optimization

Kryon’s Leo platform delivers application guidance and process automation to contact center agents. With Leo, agents can choose to have Leo guide them through business processes or handle the tasks for them. Leo improves business results by preventing user mistakes, increasing productivity, improving enterprise training and facilitating compliance with corporate policies and procedures. Leo Robotic Process Automation (RPA) enables a combination of work between human and virtual workforces whereby agent-initiated processes are then completed by Leo robots. This allows agents to spend their time engaged with customers while enabling technology to handle time-consuming, mundane tasks.

  • Users’ mistakes
  • Users’ throughput
  • Shortening or eliminating training
  • Facilitating compliance with corporate policies and procedures
Use cases
  • Guide Me – takes users through each step of a business process directly within the application to successfully complete online tasks – like a GPS for business applications
  • ‘Do It’ is your autopilot – automating tasks so sales people can concentrate on the customer and not data entry