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Holistic Chatbot Solution for Exceptional CX

Membit provides chatbot-using organizations with intelligent processes that are developed and managed by its professional team. The Membit team has the expertise needed to achieve outstanding results in the AI and NLP arena! With its omnichannel capabilities, Membit interfaces with a wide variety of user channel inputs – mobile, desktop,Facebook, WhatsApp and telephone. It processes the information, provides accurate, effective responses and executes tasks end-to-end. It then uses its hybrid intelligence to decide whether a conversation could benefit from human interaction, in this case the conversation is automatically, seamlessly and transparently escalated to a human agent.

Membit is unique in its high-level language understanding, holistic enterprise grade solution and swift Implementation cycle.

  • Reduce operational costs – about 60% of the customers’ queries are handled by the bot, without any human interaction
  • Increase customer satisfaction – more than 80% of the users are satisfied from the bot assistance
  • Cheap 24/7 availability – providing Membit bot for customer support enables organization to offer 24/7 service in a low cost
Use cases
  • Products and Services Sales – Using conversational AI to guide consumers through the bewildering choice of product and service offers
  • Service Inquiries – Whether it is activating plans, understanding data usage, doing top-ups, and paying off bills for individual subscribers, customers enjoy the assistance of conversational AI for support with wide range of account services
  • Technical Support – Chatbots can assist customers with a technical support queries—no hold times, no extraneous question-and-answer. Keeping in mind that a majority of customer inquiries are similar, a bot can aid in all of those simple solutions. If a more difficult issue arises, the bot can seamlessly transfer the customer to a human representative for further assistance