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Intelligent Customer Engagement Platform

MoEngage is a Gartner MQ recognized cross-channel engagement and analytics platform. They’ve been helping B2C consumer brands progressively profile their users, analyze trends and deliver a seamless engagement experience across channels like push, in-app, email, SMS, Facebook and WhatsApp.

The current process of customer engagement is siloed and fraught with inefficiencies. The martech stack is spread across tools and stakeholders, making getting any work done next to impossible. In a world rapidly moving towards being mobile-first, most marketing automation tools aren’t mobile first. The need of the hour is for a customer engagement platform that is mobile-first and can provide a seamless omni-channel experience to customers.

With MoEngage, companies get access to a single view of all their customer and can orchestrate meaningful and personalized campaigns across channels, and delivers higher conversions powered by machine learning.

  • Increase customer retention and loyalty
  • Increase customer lifetime value
  • Up to 40% higher delivery of push notifications
Use cases
  • Explore target audiences – get a unified view of your customer’s demographics and behavior across channels
    Meaningfully engage with your customers throughout their lifetime:
    – Onboarding – driving signups, product discovery
    – Adoption – personalized product recommendations, upsell, cross-sell
    – Retention – engage dormant users, win back churned users