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Preventing Online Journey Hijacking and win back stolen online revenue

Namogoo is pioneering the market of Online Journey Hijacking prevention. Namogoo’s disruptive technology identifies and blocks unauthorized ads injected into consumer web sessions that divert customers to competitor offerings, hurting conversion rates and damaging brand equity. By eliminating these invasive promotions, companies who use Namogoo preserve a distraction-free online customer experience and consistently increase conversions rates.

  • Overall conversion uplift
  • Increase in revenue per visit
  • Decrease in checkout abandonment rate
  • Decrease in bounce rate
  • Increase in retention rate
  • Reduction in page load time
Use cases
  • Lift revenue by preventing Online Journey Hijacking – detects and blocks unauthorized product and promotional ads injected into visitor sessions
  • Preserve customer experience and brand equity by preventing distracting injected advertisements in the visitor sessions
  • Avert earned traffic and revenue being stolen to competitive sites