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Unique proactive approach for APT’s and Zero-Day attacks detection

Nyotron solution enables Threat-Agnostic defence that prevents attacks regardless of the type of threat or how it gains access. It is used as “Last Line of Defense” for trusted data (stealing, corruption or malicious encryption).

Nyotron technology includes is in its core a behavioural a pattern map of all normative operating systems patterns. This map contains all normative ways to execute any computer activity that may become dangerous, such as file deletion, corruption, exfiltration and malicious encryption. White labeling the approved OS behaviors, blocking all others until cleared.

Ultimately, Paranoid prevents an illegal, malicious pattern, before it reaches its goal – causing damage.

Nyotron also provide a holistic war room as a service that centralize the view detection, prevention, respond, and analyze center.

  • Minimizing the impact of zero day attack
  • Crypto / Ransomware Prevention rate
Use cases
  • Increase corporate resilience by coping with sophisticated and targeted cyber-attacks that can’t be detected with traditional means
  • Protects sensitive data and IP
  • Used for step by step forensics
  • Enable reducing amount of traditional security layers