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Scope Technologies

Scope offers a wide range of solutions for usage based insurance and claims management support, enabling behaviour based risk profiling, claims process optimisation, fraud prevention, personalised risk scores and premiums, and consumer-facing value added services. Such as helping car aftermarket providers enhance customer loyalty through eCall, bCall and additional services like remote diagnostics and VRM, which allow service stations to notify when cars need servicing, and provide remote service for software updates.

Use cases
  • Enable User Behavior Insurance (UBI) offering, new consumer services are to be available on mobile and the Web for opt in users. These include: Family / Social Sharing – permission to track each other’s cars, for example ensure a younger family-member is driving at any point in time. Geo location warnings – If the driver exits a defined geographic area, a warning will be emitted within the car, and the relevant people will receive an email and SMS message. Improved Safety – Drivers can log their driving score and compare it with others. Including suggestions for how to improve drivers’ safe driving
  • Enable service providers (SP) to enroll intelligent mobile app for connected cars, consumers simply install a tiny on-board device (OBD) under their cars’ dashboard. The OBD connects to a vehicle’s on-board computer and sends key information to an app on smartphones or tablet via mobile networks. The information is available only to the car owners, allaying any privacy concerns consumers may have. The service provider customers gain a portfolio of services that help them manage their care more easily. For example, they can rapidly locate any of the family cars and analyze route information about where and how far they have been driven (e.g. for tax or other reporting purposes). The app notifies the owner if there is something wrong with the car, such as a low battery or power, safety diagnostic reporting, fuel optimization tips and maintenance alerts. Ensuring their teen motorists drive more safely since it enables them to track their speed and driving style