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Customer Engagement Platform – Turn Call Center and Mobile Operations into Smart Calls

Sealed will improves staff efficiency and business outcomes when engaging with customers and prospects by telephone. During or before making a call the “talking point” proprietary AI engine, instantly displays caller information and engagement history coming from the CRM, enriched with details from open sources like social media. All conversations are recorded, transcribed and analyzed in real time on Sealed virtual network, using Natural Language Processing and AI. Highlights and relevant content such as identity, location, issues and keywords and sentiments, are saved indexed, and turned into actionable insights.
Sealed will improve customer experience and CRM health by using machine learning to better understand a customer, integrate knowledge from various sources, predict future needs, and help staff complete more tasks. Field staff are able to use the platform to learn more about the tasks they have been allocated and interact with the back office. The mobile device can then be used to record field notes, conduct interviews, and attach photos for immediate association with the task in the CRM.

  • Shorten call duration
  • Increase customer satisfaction and reduce churn
  • Increase sales rep efficiency
  • Improve lead and opportunity conversion rate
  • Improve compliance
Use cases
  • Advertising and marketing: Advanced identity enrichment and real time profiling, including addresses, business info, social connections and more
  • Call center: smart automated call routing and caller info presentation at the beginning of the call
  • Customer care: call recording, speech recognition, analysis, automated summary, indexing and search
  • Sales: lead enrichment, call analytics, engagement history, and AI based insights
  • Compliance and regulation – detect suspicious call and alert