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Comprehensive Cybersecurity for the Digital-Era

Seceon empowers Enterprises and MSSPs to provide “Comprehensive Cybersecurity for the Digital-Era”, through the coalescence of Seceon’s Dynamic Threat Models, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) with actionable contextual awareness to proactively surface threats and breaches that matter as well as to automatically contain and eliminate them in real-time. Seceon’s Open Threat Management (OTM) platform scales to millions of assets to collect raw data such as streaming logs, network flows and identities from all apps, devices, network infrastructure and cloud infrastructure including SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, IoTs and IIoTs, as well as advanced threat intelligence to provide comprehensive visibility of users, hosts, applications, and services. aiSIEM™ and aiMSSP™ are award-winning solutions built on the OTM platform to support enterprise Comprehensive Cybersecurity and MSSPs offering aiMDR, aiSOC and aiSIEM services with flexible deployment models.

  • Comprehensive Visibility of all assets, flows, applications and their interactions
  • Reduces Mean-Time-To-Identify (MTTI) with Proactive Threat Detection
  • Reduces Mean-Time-To-Response (MTTR) with Automatic Threat Remediation
  • Continuous Compliance and Monitoring (Security Analytics)
  • Flexible and Scalable Deployment in Bare Metal, Cloud or Hybrid
  • Reduces CAPEX / OPEX costs
  • Eliminates need for silo solutions (such as, UEBA, DLP, IDS, IPS, WASF)
Use cases
  • Cyber Crime
    (Ransomware, Malware, Spyware, APTs – all known and zero-day)
  • Insider Threats
    (Malicious Insider, Compromised Credentials, UEBA, Privilege Misuse)
  • Cloud Security
    (IaaS, SaaS, PaaS, CASB)
  • Denial of Service
    (BruteForce, Volumetric, Application Layer, Protocols)
  • Strict Policy Enforcement
  • Vulnerability Exploits
    (Data/IP Exfiltration, Apps, Firmware, Web, Email, Known OS)
  • Continuous Compliance
  • IoT/IIoT Security
  • Microsegmentation
  • Detect IT Mistakess