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Protects sensitive documents in motion, using AI autonomous Policy Decision Point (PDP)

Shieldox is an AI autonomous Policy Decision Point (PDP) that protects the sensitive documents in motion.

Shieldox allows users to collaborate safely when exchanging sensitive files, while retaining the ability to mitigate any potential exposure.

With its Backward Protection, Shieldox can protect all the previous versions of your documents.

  • Encrypt your data to protect it from data breaches or inside threats
  • Protect data in most common platforms: endpoints, OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Slack
  • PDP in motion technology will grant or denied access authority automatically
  • Backward Protection solution disallow access to files already located outside the organization
  • Track documents and documents access inside & outside your organization
  • Reduce business risks, and increase sensitive information security
  • Easier collaboration of sensitive content, with no worries about leakage
  • Decrease costs, in compare to alternative solutions
  • Improve Operational Efficiency
  • Quicker and easier implementation, No users adoption needed
  • Make it easier to meet some regulations and compliance compliance articles (GDPR, SOX)
Use cases
  • For Telco’s, replace existing complex and expensive solution, while enabling more openness and secure working environment, and much less operational
  • Can be provided by Telco’s to enterprises and SMB’s as a standalone solution
  • Can be provided as part of a security package included in MSSP offering