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Blocking unauthorized code, from penetrating the organization

Solebit Labs technology disrupt targeted attack and malware delivery by preventing data stream containing unauthorized code, from penetrating the organization. Any unauthorized code, anywhere, including hidden CPU commands, encrypted and polymorphic payloads, shellcodes and other buried commands. Preventing attacks at the delivery phase, before they can enter the network, avoids costly remediation efforts.

  • Full Zero Day protection – Signature-less, detects and prevents zero-day based attacks.
  • Provides conclusive results to enable real-time prevention without requiring user intervention to decide whether an item is truly malicious.
  • Is agnostic to targeted OS and client applications – Unlike sandboxes, which must simulate the customer environment and are sensitive to client application or OS versions.
  • Extremely fast – Scales to meet Service Provider throughput requirement
  • Minimize Randsomware attacks
  • Saving SOC teams time, using its real-time prevention
  • Blocking of unknown threats
  • Optimizing remediation process by preventing the attack at very early stage, saving time and money
  • Reduce average breach detection, from todays 146 days as most attacks are prevented before excuted
Use cases
  • SoleGATE Email Protector is a virtual appliance, installed on cloud or on-premises, that detects and prevents cyber-attacks over the email attack vector
  • SoleGATE Web Protector prevents cyber-attacks over the Web browsing attack vector
  • SoleGATE File Protector detects hidden code within data objects sent from B2B application to the organization. Increase corporate resilience by preventing any document with unauthorized code, from penetrating the organization