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Better Video Quality for Less Money with Global Distributed Video Delivery Network

Strive can help you to reduce up to 90% of your media traffic at peak times and 60% on average by integrating connected devices into the video delivery process. Strive technology also shortens the distance between your users and your content by providing multiple data sources for each viewer. This improves the average bitrate and reduces rebuffering on the client side. Furthermore, through our server-side management of P2P traffic, an isp-friendly and at the same time maximum secure network structure can be achieved. Strive server-side management is a unique on-top technology, so a preexisting setup does not need to be changed.

  • Improved Video Quality, higher bitrates and less rebuffering
  • Reduction in CDN Costs
  • Superior scale up. More viewers now mean more reliability
  • Superior server-side management capabilities
Use cases
  • Automatically scaled solid video delivery network
  • Fix video streaming quality issues with flawless streaming
  • Protect streaming servers from unexpected traffic peaks