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Data Analytics For Changing Times

ThetaRay is dedicated to helping client’s cyber security divisions at critical infrastructure and large financial organizations, become more resilient and to seize opportunities. Based on advanced analytical solutions that operate at the scale, precision, and speed enabling clients to manage risk, detect money laundering schemes, uncover fraud, expose problematic accounts, uncover operational issues and reveal valuable new growth opportunities.

One platform, many solutions.
ThetaRay’s seven proprietary algorithms sit on one unified platform, as do all the tools required to manage data, fine-tune analyses, and generate reports. The platform ingests data from multiple sources, inside and outside an organization. It can also drive a variety of application-specific solutions, for an array of unique users. Initial implementation takes only weeks. From there, the system runs automatically, without intervention from client personnel. It gets smarter over time, and with more data, thanks to advanced deep learning. New applications are easy to add.

  • Silence false alarms & reduce false positives
  • Increase detection accuracy
  • Expose unknown unknowns & spot unexpected opportunities
Use cases
  • Payment and ATM fraud, identifying the unknown patterns
  • Cyber attacks – Protect critical infrastructure & services. Cyber threat detection service (MSSP), scalable to support numerous end customers, Strong forensics info with low false positive
  • CDR related Fraud & Anomalies – Identify CDR related anomalies (network misuse)
  • Operational anomalies – Identify critical infra equipment malfunctions, mis-configurations, performance issues etc. Optimized network utilization and customer services, increased revenues