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A cyber security platform for protecting connected vehicle fleets data stream from the cloud

The first comprehensive cloud-based solution to identify, monitor, and protect connected vehicle fleets from cyber-attacks and fraud — at rest and in motion. A growing number of the world’s largest vehicle fleets rely on Upstream’s purpose built Fleet Cyber security Platform™ for the most precise automotive protocol inspection, fleet and vehicle behavioral analysis and unprecedented control needed to mitigate the human safety and business risks brought forth by fleet and vehicle cyber-attacks.

Upstream delivers the protection and visibility that fleets managers and service providers need in order to run their fleets efficiently and securely. It can be used for internal fleets and be provided as part of Telco’s fleet management package to enterprises.

  • Enable security for any connected car, also ones without built in security
  • Reduce significantly the probability for multi vehicle attack on fleets
  • Increase the control of a fleet manager
  • Improve operational cost of fleet
Use cases
  • AUTOMOTIVE CYBER SECURITY- Real-time fleet-wide protection from cyber-threats for connected vehicles
    – Fleet-wide hacking
    – Individual vehicle cyber-attacks
    – Data center breaches
    – Denial of Service attacks
    – Ransomware
    – Theft of vehicle’s intellectual property
  • FRAUD DETECTION- Detection of fleet security policy violations such as identity theft
    – Fraud (identity theft, fake identities, etc.)
    – Misuse (for example: a driver violating fleet guidelines)
    – Sensitive data leakage
  • VEHICLE AND FLEET INSIGHTS- Fleetwide platform powered by analytics tools providing actionable insights
    – Customized reports
    – Identifying trends
    – Vehicle and driver behavior profiling and scoring
    – Tools for improving prediction
    – Event investigation tools